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So, if you have medals on your game map will appear only opponents with the same amount of VP. And level of player is absolutely irrelevant. Is it good? How do you think? Matchmaking score boom beach current time I have two accounts of different levels — the first is 65 lvl and the second is 33 lvl.

Notice: This post is now outdated. Visit Matchmaking for the latest information. You get new player opponents, referred to as Blackguard mercenaries in game, when exploring the map and as occasional invasions on your map. Your opponents are selected by a matchmaking process that attempts to give you the right level of challenge. Your opponents are selected from players with a similar matchmaking score. Every time you get a new Mercenary base on your map, either through exploration or invasion, your matchmaking score increases. Using 'Find new opponent', Headquarters level, experience level or Victory Points have no effect on your matchmaking matchmaking score boom beach.

Behavior might affect, and be affected in beach boom as many ways. Boom Beach is more focused on bigger targets and higher-order placement. Practice on the black guard. Will the loot change ever? She let me walk for a ten grasp. Also ensure regular collection matchmaking score boom beach statues.
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Winning many attacks against Blackguard bases will increase your Victory Point count, and therefore you will typically be matched with harder opponents. Losing many defenses and having lots of invasions will lower your Victory Points causing you to be matched with lower players. Matchmaking is mostly based off of your Victory Point count. Winning attacks against matchmaking score boom beach and NPC bases other than Dr. As your Victory Point count goes up, you will be matched up against player bases with similar Victory Point counts. Typically, higher Victory Point counts mean you will be matched up against higher level players.

Ever wonder how the game determines which player opponents appear on your map, or why sometimes it seems like you get unlucky with incredibly difficult islands to beat? The important takeaways: Victory Points are the key determining factor, and your Headquarters level has no bearing on the calculation. Matchmaking for player opponents is based on your number of Victory Points. Your opponents are selected from players with a similar Victory Point score. Your Experience level and HQ level have no connection to the matchmaking system. The same is true for Resource Bases. NPC bases are detached from this system and instead will gradually become harder — but also more rewarding — the more of them you beat. I am level 23 xp, level 9hq and plus trophies, so every opponent right now is impossible. It should go matchmaking score boom beach xp only and allow people to excel within their own weight class.

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